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Graphic Design

Graphic Design


Design the branding for ''Hart voor Burnout'', a company that helps people with (preventing) burn-outs. The branding contained the design of a logo, a visual identity including a flyer and postcards. The style had to reflect a modern, trustful and caregiving values.

hart voor burn-out kaart
Hart voor burnout flyer
Banner acutus

Graphic Design


Acutus needed a banner design on a short term. By acting quickly we were able to finalise a banner design in two weeks. This included feedback rounds as well. I also advised Acutus where to order the banner. I always give my clients a final design which immediately can be used to order the products by themselves through third parties.

Graphic Design


A colleague of me asked if I could help him with the design of an infographic he made to help startups. The first version of the infographic was not well organised and difficult to understand. By simplifying and finding the essence of the tool, I redefined the MVCI tool and created a visual identity for it. It was a collaborative process where we discussed the strategy and content of the infographic together, and I worked out the graphic design part. The infographic is easy to understand, provides a great overview for startups. Look at for the tool

mvci template
mvci guide
HEADSET 3D model
watch headphone breitling
Headphone 3D printed

 Graphic Design / Product Design

Translating the graphic language into a new product

In the course ‘Graphic language of products’ we learned how to identify 2D, 2.5D and 3D brand elements. The project goal was to translate the graphic brand language of Breitling watches into a new headphone design. This headphone should look and feel like its from the brand. The process included analysing the brand characteristics and values through different methods. Furthermore, we explored a new design with Breitling elements with the help of the Most Advanced Yet Acceptable (MAYA) principle.

Graphic Design


Mundus is a study association for the social geography study from Radboud University. They had an outdated logo and needed a more fresh and modern logo, while still looking like the old logo. Together with the new redesigned logo, I also made stickers for them.

Sticker  mundus
kerstkaart nijmegen

Graphic Design


This Christmas card reflects the city where the client lives, Nijmegen. The card has a flat illustration style with characteristic from Nijmegen. For instance the Waalbrug, the Waal beach, city's characteristics and a wall dating from the Roman era were included. The card is printed on recycled kraft paper and the inkt is from (fair) soybeans.

Graphic Design


This report showcases my master thesis process and outcomes. The report reflect my organised and minimality design style where a consistent visual identity is used. The thesis concerned packaging design topic, therefore packaging illustrations has been integrated in the layout. The report contains a lot of illustrated schemes reflecting research and design methods and theories visually presented.

report design layout

Packaging Design

tony chocolonely packaging concept
tony chocolonely packaging concept

Packaging design


The assignment was to create a packaging which contains a food and non-food product. I chose to design a packaging for Tony Chocolonely which contains Tony’s chocolate bar and chocolate slicer. The Dutch market was the target group. The final concept resulted in a special chocolate sprinkles edition with die-cuts openings. An emergency 'break the glass’ alarm was the inspiration. It refers to Tony’s mission statement, we must alarm the chocolate production world in order to fight slavery. The proposal included worked out descriptions of production techniques, material choice, cost estimation, secondary and tertiary packaging.

The goal was to design a new sustainable packaging for several snacks for Maggi. The packaging should reflect the current lifestyle where these snacks needs to be easy to prepare. The cardboard cups are easy to use, convenient to take with you and made from FSC wood. The concept covers the user’s need to take the snack with the, wherever they like.


Packaging design

bno maggie concept
multisensory packaging design
multisensory packaging design

Packaging design


Design can be experienced with multiple senses, but how? In this research project me and my team explored how we can design a knife with sincere characteristics. Through a DIY knife users should feel how sincere a knife and its material can be. The packaging was designed in such way it would guide the user in first building the knife, and second crafting the sleeve for the knife. The packaging uses materials with textures to fulfil multiple senses next to the visual sense.

Bart Honey Glass Mockup.jpg

Bart learned the profession of beekeeper from his grandfather. Now he is a beekeeper himself and produces a lot of honey with his five bee colonies. Authentic, an eye for nature, pure, honest and last but not least his pride for being located in Brabant were the starting points for this design. In a playful way, the label tells the story of the five bee colonies, each colony has its own beehive on the label. Bart also makes his own honey mead. The design had to fit both a honey jar and a wine bottle for the mead.


Packaging design

Bart's Bijen Honing 130823_edited.jpg
Bart Wine Bottle with Label Mockup.jpg

User Experience

  UX Design / Graphic Design

Customer Journey

The goal of a Brand Management course was to analyse a brand of your choice and design something in order to enhance or improve the customer experience. In order to analyse Starbucks we used methods such as Customer Journey map, Archetypes, Personas and User Centred Design. Our final proposal was a coffee tasting. A way to get to know the different beans possibilities at Starbucks, creating awareness for their sustainability goals and providing people with an experience which is a must to share. The coffee tasting comes with a nice plate where the different beans and coffee shots are presente, along with a booklet containing details information. The barista has to give an introduction.

starbucks customer journey

UX Design / UI Design


cues cube

The combination of consumer behaviour and sustainability is often not incorporated by companies yet. To help them I created a tool pack which provides practical knowledge on a central place. The tool pack consists of three parts. A Cues Cube is a physical tool to spark interest in the topic among colleagues. Secondly, an interactive infographic on KIDV’s website provides more insights from a consumer perspective. Finally, a theoretical report has been created to provide companies perspective for more in-depth insights and strategies. In total, the tool pack provides different ways to retrieve insights on a playful, visual, and detailed way. This projects concerned a research and design part conducted for my master thesis. The research was well received and has been published as a paper in a proceeding by the international packaging conference Iapri 2022. In addition, the tool is published on the KIDV website recently where companies can view and use the tool. During this thesis I learned a lot about sustainable packaging and consumer behaviour in relation to packaging design.

nature mode app

  UX Design / UI Design


In this research and design project we created a design intervention which will help in the fight against social anxiety. The design intervention has been developed based on a framework with psychological theories. A user study (questionnaire) has been conducted in order to gain better user insights. Empathy with the user is an important aspect in every design process. An app called Nature Mode has been developed, where I created the interface design. Artificial nature imagery and breathing exercises has been integrated in the app to make the user more mindful about their anxieties.

  UX Design / UI Design


The MVCI tool is an infographic for startup. It is easy to understand, provides a great overview of all the ins and outs of how to start your own business. The tool is for free and accessible through a landing page. The landing page gives a short introduction on the tool, provides downloads and a feedback form is integrated. The landing page reflects the MVCI’s playful, professional and minimalistic look and feel. Look at for more.

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