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Hi, my name is Tao

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As a child I was (and still am) really excited about learning new things. Learning how the world around us works, why people behave like they do, and coming up with new ideas. I've had a fascination for packaging and carboard boxes since a little child, playing with the box was more interesting than with the content. It was no surprise that I wanted to do something creative in the future.

This studio was founded during my study Industrial Design Engineering at University of Technology in Eindhoven. Only studying was not exciting enough, I wanted to gain experience as an entrepreneur, testing my ideas and knowledge in the real world. After my bachelor in Eindhoven, I went to UTwente for my master study. During the master I was able to explore the packaging world more in depth. My master thesis about sustainable consumer behaviour and food packaging is published during the world packaging conference                     . 

By practicing design I was able to combine many interests of myself. For instance, business, psychology, aesthetics, technology and in general creating value for others through an user experience. I'm a fan of minimalistic design, where the essence of a brand or product is truly told. Interstingly, keeping it simple can be the hardest part. By asking the right questions, doing research and an iterative design process I believe we can create something beautiful together. 

My photography journey started when we got a puppy. I have been teaching photography myself and the best teacher is learning from experiences. I love to capture the moments we care about, to make these memories count and re-experience through images. I'm an easy going person who is truly interested in the person in front of my lens. When you can be yourself, the photos will feel more natural and authetic. Let me catch your light through my camera.

Hope to meet you soon, let's create something beautiful together!

Let's create something together, as before with:

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